Run from our own home on the outskirts of Weymouth in Dorset (England), Purbeck Ferret Rescue rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes stray and unwanted ferrets. There is an average of 50 – 60 ferrets looking for new homes at any given time as well as a small group of permanent residents. With no external funding, the rescue relies on donations. If you wish to make a donation then our ways to help us page gives you some options to choose from.

Ferrets come to us from different situations; stray, neglected or handed in when care can no longer be provided. All ferrets on intake are quarantined for a minimum of seven days where they are monitored and assessed. They then join one of our groups in preparation for rehoming. All ferrets are neutered and microchipped before adoption, with a home check carried out. We ask for a minimum adoption donation but this does not cover all of the costs that we incur for each ferret. For unadoptables we offer a permanent home. Additionally we offer ferret boarding to those looking for holiday accommodation for their ferrets, whether a short break or for several weeks. If you have an unwanted ferret please see our intakes page. With surrendered ferrets our ability to help depends on our available space and how easily and quickly we expect to integrate your ferrets.

For lost and found ferrets we have a dedicated page which list ferrets which we are aware as being as lost or found locally. There is guidance on dealing with lost and found ferrets, including how to notify us of your lost ferret or if you have found a ferret.

Throughout the year you may see us at events, both public and private. These allow us to raise vital funds by providing ferret racing and selling a selection of ferret items and gifts. Events are an opportunity for people to volunteer their time to help the rescue. We promote ferret welfare, educate the public about the wonderful pets ferrets make and provide advice on caring for ferrets. With one person managing the rescue and a second person providing some extra help, we rely on volunteers to assist us with events, home checks, collecting ferrets and jobs around the rescue.

Covid-19 greatly affected the rescue during 2020 and 2021. Firstly mustelids, such as ferrets, are at risk from Covid-19. We have guidance for ferret owners from the Animal and Plant Health Agency on our Covid-19 page. Secondly due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, boarding has been limited whilst adoptions and events have not been taking place. On top of this family and work commitments have to be taken into account. Things are gradually improving but please be patient when contacting us. If you can assist in any way then consider volunteering.

Finally for those looking for help with vermin control, we do not work our ferrets but if you use our contact form, giving details on the nature of the problem (such as rabbits), we will try to put you in contact with someone who can help.