If you wish to surrender your ferret then please complete the form below. Please give honest answers to the questions and provide us with as much information as possible.

All ferrets on intake to the rescue are quarantined for a minimum of seven days. This is to ensure that nothing is passed onto our other ferrets. All ferrets are scanned for a microchip and if necessary treated for parasites. Vet treatment will be provided as necessary.

Quarantined ferrets are monitored and assessed before joining one of our groups in preparation for rehoming. As part of the adoption process ferrets are neutered and microchipped if not already done. Home checks are undertaken for all potential owners. If unadoptable then we provide ferrets with a permanent home.

There may be a waiting list for intakes to come into us during busy periods. Our ability to take in new ferrets depends on our available space and how easily we expect to integrate incomers into our existing groups. Particularly during the breeding season it is easier to find space for neutered ferrets as the majority coming into us are entire. Entire ferrets need to be kept separate beyond the quarantine period whilst we arrange for neutering. We may choose to collect the ferrets but to speed up the process we may ask that you meet us part way or drop them to us in Weymouth in Dorset.

Rescue Intake
It is not always possible to collect ferrets so we may have to meet you part way or ask for you to drop the ferret to us.
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If more than one ferret then please include if they are housed together or separately