Finding someone to look after your ferrets when you go away on holiday can be a challenge so here at Purbeck Ferret Rescue we offer an easy solution. Board them with us! By boarding your ferrets with us, it allows you the peace of mind that as a rescue we are happy to handle your ferrets and have access to a ferret knowledgeable vet should something happen. Even better, all of your boarding donation goes towards the rescue.

Location: The safety of our ferrets is paramount so our address is not publicised. It will be given to you nearer the time but for your information we are on the outskirts of Weymouth in Dorset. 

Accommodation: Your ferrets will be housed in one of our dedicated outdoor holiday boarding pens. Each comes with a ball pit, tubes and a choice of beds and hammocks. Indoor accommodation is possible on request. Boarding ferrets are not mixed with any of the rescue ferrets or others who might be boarding here at the same time but for those though wishing to add to their family we can bond your group with a rescue ferret or two during their stay.

Length of stay: Providing we have space we can accommodate most lengths of stays from one day to several months.

Requirements: You will need to provide enough food for the duration of their stay to avoid a change of diet and if possible at least one item of their own “in use” bedding. Raw feeders are welcomed but we need advance notice so we can save freezer space. You are welcome to bring other items for them. Any medication must be provided in its original packaging with clear dosing instructions.

A little something extra: For those in need of extra items, we have a variety of items for sale; both new and secondhand.  These include hammocks, ferret oil, harnesses, leads, carriers and gifts for humans.

Payment: We ask for a reasonable donation in exchange for boarding, paid in advance. Alternative arrangements may be offered to regular boarders and possibly long term boarders. Donations should be made via PayPal to as “friends and family”. 

Complete our Boarding Request Form to reserve your dates now. Once we have received your request and donation, we will send you our terms and conditions for signing and ask you to complete details of your ferrets, your vet and an emergency contact.

Chucky’s Lodge

Rodney’s Pad

Stocky’s Shack

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