To contact us please read the relevant section below to find the correct form.

Please remember that the rescue is a non profit home based rescue on the outskirts of Weymouth in Dorset (UK). It is run around a full time job and family commitments, with just one person dealing with all enquiries. Due to the amount of correspondence that we receive, we can only reply when we are able to help.

Adoptions: Please take the time to read our adoption process carefully and explore our website for information on caring for ferrets before completing our adoption application. Verified photos of your ferret housing will be required. Where applicable we will need written confirmation of your landlord’s agreement. Home checks and meeting the ferrets are done after our initial conversations.

Boarding: All information on ferret boarding and a link to our boarding request form can be found on our ferret boarding page.

Donating: If you wish to donate then please take a look at our ways to help us page. This includes details of our Paypal account for donating, our Amazon website and other options for helping us.

Events: Details on contacting us for ferret racing and attending events, along with our event enquiry form, are on our events page. Please note that we require a donation to attend an event with our ferret racing team.

Volunteering: If you wish to volunteer then please take a look at our ways to help us page where a link to our volunteer application can be found.

Lost ferret: If you need to report a lost ferret, then please take a look at our lost ferret page.

Found ferret: If you need to report a found ferret and require rescue space then please see our found ferret page.

Surrenders: If you require us to take in your ferrets then please complete our rescue intake form. There may be a waiting list during busy periods.

Health concerns: We have tried to answer the most common questions that we get asked on our website. We are not though a vet; if your ferret is ill then please contact your own vet immediately.

All other enquiries: For all other questions please complete our general enquiry form

For those looking for regular updates we are most active at the moment in our Facebook group –